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2013 Central American and Caribbean Unified Soccer Invitational

The Central America Unified Soccer Invitational will take place in San Jose, Costa Rica from May 9-17 in regional professional soccer stadiums (Cuty Monge and Coleya Fonseca). Team USA is made up entirely of Washington and Oregon Special Olympics Athletes as well as Unified Partners from the Sounders FC Development Team.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

USA v. El Salvador

8:06 CR Time- Team USA is at a new stadium today, Cuty Monge.  Match starts at 9:00 am, Costa Rica time. :) (8 am, Pacific Time)

Team USA starting 11: RJ Noll (38 - Keeper), Christian Freitas (9 - Forward), Levi Arthur (7 - Defense), John Emmitt (6 - Defense), Dionte McGrew (3 - Mid), Jowell Figueras (12 - Mid), Joe Hill (8 - Forward), Kasey French (34 - Mid), Ivory Randle IV (21 - Defense), Daniel Espeleta (32 - Mid), and Alex Ptachik (18 - Defense).

9:00 CR - Kickoff!

9:08 CR - GOOOOOOOAALLLLL!!! Kasey French heads one in over the El Salvador goalie! 

9:28 CR - Yellow card for Ivory Randle IV.

9:33 CR - Halftime whistle. USA ahead 1-0.

9:47 CR - 2nd half starting. Final 30 minutes of the tournament! If USA wins, we take 5th place out of 11 teams. Much higher than I'm sure we were anticipated.

9:50 CR - El Saladpr makes a couple subs during half.

9:50 CR - 2 awesome back-to-back goal attempts made by Kasey French. Both saved by El Salvador.

9:53 CR - Great goal attempt by Joe Hill, but it ends up slightly wide.

9:55 CR - Goal by El Salvador. 1-1.

9:55 CR - El Salvador substitution.

10:01 CR - Team USA substitution: Miles Sanchez (16 - Mid) for Daniel Espeleta.

10:07 CR - Penalty kick given to El Salvador.  They score, making it 1-2.

10:09 CR - Cody Peterson (10 - Defense) going in for Levi Arthur.

10:14 CR - Peace Drevitch (4 - Forward) going in for Kasey French.

10:18 CR - El Salvador scores but its called offsides and taken back. Score still 1-2, El Salvador.

10:22 CR - Final whistle. El Salvador takes it, 1-2. Team USA ends the tournament in 6th place.

Team USA after the final match! (And me!) 


  1. Tough loss, but you should be proud. You did better than anticipated. See you all soon.


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